Low Kar Suan

Hi, my name is Kar Suan. I am from Kedah. I love science since i was young. Every day i have a lot of question marks about the thing happened around me. I want to understand about myself and find out special thing in my daily life. The feeling of get to know the things, phenomena, natural, animal life makes me feel excited. National Geography and Animal Planet is always my love channel when watching TV. Science is the concerted human effort to understand better about the natural world and how it works.

Low Zeng Yee

I am from Kuala Terangganu. I am now studying at University Sains Malaysia. I am interested to science where i hope i can share my passion to my friends and students. I like to undergo experiment even though sometimes i have to go deep into the forest or step into dirty mud. The results of the finding can always make me satisfied. Explaining things about science to my friends always make me feel excited and I am willing to memories those plant and animal names even though it make me dizzy sometimes.

   We are going to be a future teacher soon; we designed this blog to help Form 2 students understand more about Science. We convey the knowledge in interesting way to attract students’ attention and to let them learn through an enjoyable way.  Besides that, we hope that students with question will not feel hesitate to ask us, as we are willing to help those who love science and enjoy learning science!
 If you have any inquiries about our blog or certain science question, you can kindly sent us an email, we will try our best to help you. Email address:

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